Metro Jets Newsletter – November 2021


P3 Champs 2021

Hi Jetsetters,

I hope you have all enjoyed the start of the Summer Season, with our City Night Competition now well and truly underway. Summer Season is always a lot of fun for our Jets, with the warmer weather and longer nights creating that more relaxed atmosphere overall. It’s been great to see all our Jets back out on the courts again and I know we are all looking forward to playing a full season of the game we love.
On behalf of the Committee, I’d like to extend a big welcome to our new Jets families and players who have joined us this Summer Season and welcome back to all our existing Club girls and families as well.
I’d also like to thank our continuing Club Coaches and welcome all our new Jets Coaches this Summer Season. After the challenging seasons we’ve recently faced, it really is the perfect time to appreciate the amazing efforts of our volunteers; to say thank you for working so tirelessly; for stepping up and giving back; and going the extra mile to make a difference. To all those who volunteer – thank you! 

Our New Jets Coaches:

  • Senior A2: Olivia Massey & Tahlia Treagus
  • Senior B1: Brad Smith
  • Junior 4: Linda Kotz
  • Sub Junior 1: Stephanie Flego & Nasyah Turner
  • Sub Junior 2: Samantha & Charlotte Flego
  • Go Team: Skye Wittwer

Lastly, a big thank you to all the businesses and families who sponsored Metro Jets in 2021. The Club is working very hard to promote the development of our players, Coaches and Officials across all age groups, and we know we couldn’t do this without your ongoing generous support; we encourage all our Jets members to get behind these businesses wherever possible.

I wish all our Jets players and teams the best of luck this summer netball season and I look forward to seeing you all at games and training over the coming months. Jets Up! 

Rachael McLeod

P3 Champs 2021

Winter Season Champs!  

One thing that was very pleasing for Metro Jets this past winter season, was that we again increased in team numbers and in the number of teams that competed in the finals. A big well done to all our Winter Finalists and congratulations to our Primary 3 team on their Premiership win – a fantastic achievement! 

The Club was very proud to present our young winners with their Premiership tops earlier this month; so cute!

Winter Presentation Events

In October, we held our Winter 2021 Junior and Senior Presentation Events at the Highway Hotel. It was wonderful to see all our Jets players and families come together to celebrate our Club achievements over the winter season. These types of Club events are very important as they allow us to recognise significant contributions to our Club and to highlight outstanding season performances by our Coaches, Players and Officials. 

Also a very big thank you to our dedicated Coaches, Team Managers, Umpires, volunteers, players and families for their efforts throughout the Winter Season. Well Done Jets!

Club Awards 2021
November Save The Dates

Premier League 2021

The 2022 season is just around the corner along with Christmas and New Year’s and the work of our Volunteers, President and Coaches doesn’t stop. This month we completed our Metro Jets Premier League Squad trials for Season 2022 and I am excited to announce a squad of 30 players (including some young invitees) being selected to participate in the preseason program.

Next week we will have our first official Squad Meeting, where we will further discuss our Preseason Program, Squad Commitments and Sponsorship requirements. From there, the squad will commence weekly group training with a few social functions, and each member will be required to complete their home preseason program over the Christmas break.

We will then come back together to officially commence squad training three nights a week from Monday the 10th of January 2022,

with the squad being reduced, in the first week of February, ahead of our Preseason

Camp. This final senior squad will then be looking to hit the courts in early March prior to the season proper refining our match fitness, game style and team cohesiveness.

This will be our second preseason together and with our young squad, I’m looking forward to continuing their growth &development both on and off the court. It is exciting to see the players working on hard on their craft and building to be the best they can be. Our focus again for this season will be on, building on fitness, strength, resilience, work ethic a positive group dynamic and leadership.

These are all standard capabilities that are the expected of anyone in our Jets Premier League program. Jets Up!

Trudy Barker – Premier League Head Coach MJNC

Kimberley Batley & Rhianne Kaluza
R2 Action - Poppy Gilfillan-Silk

Premier League Player Profile 

Tara Gagliardi

Nickname: Tara Gagliardi

Age: 36

Favourite Netball Position: GK

What do you for work/study? Work at Sportsgirl Norwood, currently completing my Teaching and Assessment course to become a First Aid Trainer 

How old were you when you started at Metro Jets? What division did you play? I was 34 and I played Premier League. Before that I played 12 years of Premier League and Reserves at another Club.

Why do you play for Metro Jets? Despite having a year off after a second knee reconstruction and being a senior player, the Club and players welcomed me with open arms, the girls have become family.

Describe yourself as a player: An experienced, team player and leader, who can also be a bit of a “wrecking ball” when I come out the circle! 

What is something your Coach regularly says? ‘I believe in each and every one of you’ and ‘you need to believe in yourselves and your team mates’ Trudy Barker. 

What is your greatest Jets netball achievement/memory? Being selected to represent the Club at the highest possible level, as a senior player, with so many talented girls coming through the ranks, means every game I play is a huge achievement.

Other than playing, what else have you been involved in at Metro Jets? I helped organise the “Walk for Support” fundraiser for families within the club that had been affected by cancer.

Name three people in the world that you would invite for dinner? My sister Sarah, Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? Teleportation – no more traffic, taxis/Ubers or long international flights

Which of your team mates is the funniest? Sarah McCarthy

Which of your team mates takes the most selfies? Sarah McCarthy

Which of your team mates trains the hardest? Kimberly Batley (Bats)

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which three teammates would you take and why?. Bats and Cuppy for their banter and general conversation. Tessa because she’s not only entertaining with some of the things that come out her mouth, but she’s also a paramedic so she’d be able to manage our injuries.

Do you have any pre-game rituals superstitions? No rituals as such, but I always warm up on the opposite side of the court, furthest from our bench.

What’s your favourite pre-game song? WAP – Cardi B, Roses – SAINt JHN, Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

What do you eat leading up to a game? I don’t have a specific meal or food I eat before games, but bananas and coconut water seem to be an easy option straight after work.

What do you enjoy most about playing for Metro Jets? Playing with a great bunch of girls

If you were to give some advice to Jets youngsters, what would it be? Play smarter not harder, netball is a simple game, don’t overthink it, do the basics well and consistently and you will always succeed.

Metro Jets Academy Program – Summer 2021-22

This summer season, Metro Jets are once again delivering our Summer Academy Programs to our Sub Junior, Junior & Intermediate TID Squads. The Committee are very thankful to Jason Delfos (our Junior 1 Coach) who is working with Metro Jets to deliver our Junior & Sub Junior program (Jason owns The Studio West Beach); and to Sean Baker (at PEAQ Conditioning) who is assisting with the Intermediate Program, as well as our Premier League Coach and Players who are contributing with the on-court skills components.

We look forward to seeing all our Jets Academy players learning, developing, and working hard throughout the Summer Season. 


Art Exhibition

An exhibition is being organised by long term Club girl & current A2 player, Harriet Gray, and that our Major Sponsor Ngadli Art (sisters Codi & Kira) have been commissioned to do a piece that will be displayed and available to purchase towards the good cause.

We Bleed Art

Good News Stories

Do you have a special occasion that you would like to share? Birthday, wedding, other achievements?

The Club is always keen to celebrate positive news stories about our Club Members. If you have a celebration to share, please email our Club Secretary, or share your news with the Club via our social media sites; and don’t forget to tag us in your pics!


If you’re interested in umpiring and sup¬porting our Club, we would love to have you on board. Metro Jets are required to provide an umpire for every game that we participate in, so we need your help.

Please contact our Umpiring Coordinator, Caitlin North at if you have any questions or would like to know more about the process and support offered within our Umpiring Program.

Club Support

We need your help!  Metro Jets Netball Club is run by volunteers of our Jets community, and despite the amazing selfless efforts of these people, our young, growing Clubs still needs assistance. 

Do you have any skills that the Club could utilise?  Could you offer some time to assist with events? 

If so, please contact Club Secretary Katrina Wood at


If you are interested in Coaching and/or progressing your skills, we would love to meet with you. Metro Jets is now considering its Coaches for the upcoming Winter Season and we are looking for support from people who want to help make a difference!

If you are interested in Coaching during Winter 2022, please email