Lucy Affolter

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Glandore Podiatry Clinic
Instagram Handle @bridget_kuerschner
Occupation or Current Study Exercise Physiologist at ECH
Positions GD/WD/GK
Biggest influence on your netball My Aunty has always been a big influence on my netball. When she was younger, she made State Teams in both SA and the NT, as well as being Reserve for the National U21 Team. I play the same position as her, and she would always come out and watch me play when I was younger. She even took it one step further and volunteered to coach me, and a group of my friends for a Summer Team that I will forever cherish!
Greatest Netball Achievement My biggest achievement so far would have to be winning a Premiership at Jets a few years back in the B2’s. Our team was made up of a bunch of misfits who’d never played together, and had all manner of disasters and injuries occur throughout the season but somehow managed to pull it all together and come out on top! One day I also hope to earn a Premier League Number at Jets!
What do you coaches tell you I’m sure there’s probably lots but the two that come to mind first are either “back yourself, don’t hesitate” or “driiiiiiiiive” as I stare at the glorious pass, I just made off the backline forgetting that I’m playing GD and I need to run down the court!
How would your team mates describe you Loud, aggressive, team-player


Goal Defence

Goal Keeper

Wing Defence

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