Lucy Affolter

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Trident Marine
Instagram Handle kleotrajkovic
Occupation or Current Study Waitress
Positions WA, GA, GS
Biggest influence on your netball My mum, she used to play netball and was quite good but then stopped due to an acl injury and hasn’t played since which is where I think she lives her dream through me!
Greatest Netball Achievement When I was selected in the Australian team in under 15’s as a player who was never a starting 7.
Also my first ever game of reserves when Trudy told me I was going on the court I was so nervous
What do you coaches tell you Usually on the court they’re always yelling at me telling me to go again because I pass the ball and think the jobs done but it’s not 😂
How would your team mates describe you quick hands, smart, strong
What advice would you give to Jets youngsters Listen and take in as much information from your coaches as you can! it will all come in handy when you least expect it.


Goal Attack

Goal Shooter

Wing Attack

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