Lucy Affolter

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Cornerstone Stud
Instagram Handle lilymasseyy_
Occupation or Current Study Bachelor of Education (Secondary Health and Physical Education)
Positions WA, WD, C
Biggest influence on your netball Some of my most influential coaches would be Darren Shaw in Juniors, Rhianne Kaluza in Inters and Carly Bradley in AMND. Biggest SSN influencers would be Kim Ravilion and Paige Hadley.
Greatest Netball Achievement My greatest netball achievement/memory is coming from finishing 3rd on the ladder to winning the Inter 1 premiership by 1 goal to Matrics in 2020.
What do you coaches tell you No more long bombs, slow down and take a breath.
How would your team mates describe you Small, speedy and ruthless
What advice would you give to Jets youngsters Play to have fun… but winning is always more fun.



Wing Attack

Wing Defence

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