Lucy Affolter

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Infocus Norwood
Instagram Handle lucylovesavo
Occupation or Current Study
Positions WA/C/GA
Biggest influence on your netball My school netball program at St. Mary’s College gave me great coaching which majorly influenced my netball career. Amanda Shattock and Laura Gilbert both coached me since I enrolled in year 5 and I am so grateful for their time and effort all those years.
Greatest Netball Achievement My greatest memory at Metro Jets was our Inters grand final win in 2020. It was a great season with the most intense final games I’ve ever experienced and our win was one I’ll never forget.
What do you coaches tell you A common one is stop talking so much during training or drills, one of my weaknesses. One downside being very close friends with my team mates means we need to find times to be serious and joke around which I am still working on.
How would your team mates describe you Friendly, Easy going and Funny
What advice would you give to Jets youngsters To enjoy the fun side of netball instead of taking everything too seriously. Remind them that sport is mainly to make friends and enjoy exercise.



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