Brave for Dave – Ribbon Round

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Ribbon round was celebrated on 30th June where players, coaches, supporters and officials wore a ribbon for the cancers that may have affected them, to help raise awareness and acceptance around talking talk about the stages of ill health and to assist with support for our people and community doing it tough.

We would particularly like to support Chloe Drogemuller Fiebig. Chloe is a valued member of the South Australian netball community, as a past captain of Garville, previous player at Woods Panthers (now South Adelaide) & SASI. Unfortunately, Chloe tragically lost her husband to Brain Cancer. We would like to acknowledge Dave Fiebig – devoted husband and father, PT & fitness trainer for sporting clubs (including West Adelaide FC & Garville) who passed too soon.

Dave Fiebig, the definition of bravery and resilience. In December 2021, Dave was diagnosed with Brain Cancer – Stage IV Glioblastoma. He underwent surgical resection (with 80% of mass being removed), six weeks of concurrent chemotherapy and radiation and intravenous Avastin. Following radiation, Dave received positive results with the residual tumour significantly reducing in size. In May 2022, Dave had a recurrence with substantial tumour growth throughout his brain. Alongside of this, he was also diagnosed with Leptomeningeal disease. Two months later, Dave passed.

To be diagnosed with terminal Brain Cancer and go through such intense treatment (and everything else thrown at it) is one thing, but to go through it without ever complaining or saying “why me” is true bravery. Many people don’t know brain cancer kills more children than any other disease in Australia. It also kills more people under 40 in Australia than any other cancer. Yet very little is known about brain cancer, its causes or how to treat it.

Not only that, but Glioblastoma is a horrible human medical diagnosis. It has such a significant impact, both physically and mentally for the patient and families.
Dave was a humble, kind, selfless and generous person. Further to this, a loving husband and father to two beautiful sons, aged 4 years and 11 months (at the time). It is hard to fathom these two boys will grow up not having the opportunity to have a cherished father and son relationship and to know how truly incredible their Dad is.

So, this round – get out your ribbons, and help us to raise awareness & find a cure for this horrible disease.


BRAVE FOR DAVE – Never out of the fight