Lucy Affolter

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Silver Fleece
Instagram Handle lara.mellow
Occupation or Current Study student (yr. 11)
Positions C, WD, WA
Biggest influence on your netball My biggest influence on my netball has been my teammates, each season pushing me to be better and to work harder. I also look up to Australian players like Jamie-lee price and Liz Watson.
Greatest Netball Achievement My most memorable netball memory was when I lived in the country and it was grand final day. We played a team that had smashed everyone all season, we were 7 down at 3 quarter time and managed to win by 1. I learnt that it doesn’t take much to change the momentum of a netball game.
What do you coaches tell you Coaches always tell me to find balance in my game when knowing when to go fast and knowing when to slow down. They also tell/help me improve playing smarter on court especially against players who are quicker or bigger than me. Another thing they tell me is to lose my player before I get the ball, doing all the pre work to make it easier to receive the pass.
How would your team mates describe you hardworking, encouraging,
What advice would you give to Jets youngsters I would say that practice makes progress. The more progress you make the further along your game will develop. Also, not to take anything too seriously when you’re young, go out onto the court with your teammates and enjoy it. Have a laugh and get a win.



Wing Defence

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