Lucy Affolter

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Instagram Handle maeve.garnett
Occupation or Current Study Year 12 Student
Positions GK, GD
Biggest influence on your netball The biggest influence for my netball would be my netball coach from my previous club up in the Adelaide Hills, she pushed me to take opportunities and always inspired me with her work ethic, both while playing herself, and also out of netball.
Greatest Netball Achievement My greatest memory would have to be winning the grand final with my team last year, it was a tough season and finishing the year on a win was really rewarding!
What do you coaches tell you Something my coaches always tell me is to stop saying sorry! I always get caught up apologising when I make a faulty pass rather than trying to get it back.
How would your team mates describe you Fun, Persistent,
What advice would you give to Jets youngsters I would tell them to take all the opportunities they get, trial for different things, and put yourself out there, even if you don’t get in, you can still get something out of the trialing process!


Goal Defence

Goal Keeper

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