Lucy Affolter

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Instagram Handle rhiannekaluza
Occupation or Current Study Registered Nurse
Positions WD, C, WA
Biggest influence on your netball My mum has and always will be my biggest supporter and influence. She was a great role model for me and taught me lots of the skills I now know. She is at every game supporting me and we still continue having our game debriefs. Apart from my mum, one of my closest friends and a legend of the club, Bats, was a great influence to me as I made my way throughout the squad. I am thankful for our playing years together and for the friendship we created.
Greatest Netball Achievement I have made a few achievements and memories over the years being at Jets. Some of them being – winning PLR runner-up B&F in 2019 after having a season off due to an ankle recon and other health issues. Playing my 200th club game alongside my best mate, becoming a club life member.
What do you coaches tell you I am well known for my tunnel vision into the ring and will forever hear Trudy yelling on the sidelines telling me “NOOOOOOOOOOO”.
How would your team mates describe you Honest, supportive, hardworking
What advice would you give to Jets youngsters Throughout your netball career there will be moments where you feel overlooked or have missed opportunities. These moments create the player we are and path we choose to take. It is very easy to take the easy path and give up but it takes a lot of strength, character, and resilience to show up and keep trying. A favourite saying of mine goes “what comes easy won’t last and what lasts won’t come easy”.



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